My Nailspirations
Pretty obvious this tumblr is for me to keep track of my manicures and inspirations for nails. Nothing intellectual about it, just hot nails.

    Polish Wishlist:
  • *China Glaze It’s a Trap-eze! or Pretty and Polished: Jawbreaker (or Party on my Yacht),
  • *KBShimmer Snow Way!,
  • *Lynderella Connect the Dots,
  • *Claire's Glitter Pink,
  • *Essie Mattifying top coat...


Summer time〰〰〰〰🌟 new nails inspired by @marahoffman for @at1stsightbk ❤️ #handpainted #gelnails #nailsbymei #meisfavorite #swarovski

So sad news, my fishes chipped in like one day. That’s what I get for painting my nails when I have a closing shift. And that usually means having my hands soaked in water from cleaning the back line….ugh the pains of working at a restaurant and being obsessed with painting my nails….oh well! lol So instead I got to do the next mani that was on my list and here it is! I found a picture once of something that looked like this and decided it was a must try. I used my new OPI Skull and Glossbones and then my Kleancolor metallic Sapphire, Aqua, and Yellow. I’m extremely surprised I used the yellow, it’s definitely not a color I’m a fan of….at all. But here’s a tiny bit of it in all it’s glory…hello yellow…enjoy your stay while you’re here…haha Anyways! Tomorrow the boyfriend and I are off to Albuquerque to watch his youngest brother graduate high school. Hooray for hearing Pomp and Circumstance a million times repeated over and over…..not! At least for once I won’t be the one actually playing the song =D Oh and for you non band nerds out there, Pomp and Circumstance is that “cute” little song you walk to when you are being seated for graduation….it’s not cute…it’s the worst song ever when there’s 100+ students walking to it at a slugs pace! Lol But hey, there’s going to be a grad party, and my boyfriends family sure knows how to drink and party. I can’t wait! 

+DISCO NEW nail+ #disco #disconail (DISCO)


The work of nail art by hatsuki furutani, a Tokyo based manicurist

LOVE this deep red and gold for @nwonger using @alleycatnails nail jewelry available at @crownthequeens. 😍 ➡️Email me at to make an appointment. #nailart #nails #acrylicnails #gelnails #gold #nailjewelry #nailaccessories #3dnails #nailtech #nailartist #nailswag #nailporn #nailartclub #nailartoohlala #nailed #nailtech #nailartist #nailcharms #notd #holnails #crownthequeens #alleycatnails #vancouver #vancity #gastown #604

MANICURE MUSE: Altuzarra Fall ‘14
Artisanal Altuzarra Ladyfingers up now (plus the tutorial) on MLF!
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These are the nails I did last week which I posted on my personal blog.  This was a fun design.  I’m sad that I had to put cabinets in and it messed them up so early! :(

Konad feather stamp!